Arizona Wills & Trusts

Regrettably, most of us procrastinate when addressing the disposition of our meaningful assets and other personal belongings upon death. Understandably, it is not the most cheerful issue to contemplate. When the time comes, however, to consider and plan for this critical undertaking, it is imperative that any result comprehensively and absolutely achieve all of our objectives.

The seasoned and solution-based attorneys at Provident Law® begin by helping our clients define their overall objectives. Each client’s set of circumstances is unique and requires special consideration and attention. We help clients achieve their objectives using a cost-efficient approach to minimize any potential tax burdens on their beneficiaries.

Provident Law® offers uniquely tailored estate plans that utilize a toolbox of various estate planning documents. Not everyone needs the same set of tools to achieve their estate planning goals. Therefore, the estate planning attorneys at Provident Law® will never suggest or offer the use of any tools that serves no purpose in helping a client accomplish the objective.

Provident Law® provides these fundamental documents in affordable all-inclusive estate planning packages. We provide all the assistance necessary to allow you to make informed decisions about selecting the proper tools to meet your needs. Provident Law’s estate planning services are designed to provide our clients with the best possible level of understanding and clarity.

To help you choose the right tools, we take the time to learn about your distinctive family circumstances. This effort includes learning about your ultimate future vision for achieving your estate planning goals. This information helps us build a personalized estate plan jointly with a strategic tax plan that effectively realizes this vision.

Provident Law’s estate planning attorneys will help you understand the benefits of an estate plan, including any necessity to avoid probate. We will help you make clear designations for all critical financial matters, including the distribution of your assets. We will also help you to make clear designations in the event of incapacitation. A properly constructed estate plan helps ensure a smooth transition and spares your loved ones’ unnecessary stress, confusion, and uncertainty.

Provident Law® offers estate planning packages that include the following documents:

  • Will: Everyone should have a last will and testament. It should clearly direct the distribution of your estate upon your death. A will offers a significant additional benefit if you have minor children because it enables you to designate a guardian of your choice. Without this testamentary designation, a third party may make this choice.
  • Trusts: A trust may help you avoid probate and various tax consequences upon your death. It transfers property to a trustee who acts as a fiduciary holding your trust assets on behalf of those you designate as beneficiaries. One of the most common types of trusts used in estate planning is a living trust. You should always consult an attorney to determine if a trust is right for your needs and objectives.
  • Durable power of attorney: A durable power of attorney allows a person of your choice to act as your agent to make financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Health care power of attorney:  A health care power of attorney allows a person of your choice to act as your agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Living will: A living will permits you to decide under which circumstances you desire particular types of life-saving treatment.