Church and Nonprofit

The importance of nonprofit organizations to society cannot be understated. Charitable organizations fill a role in society that cannot be filled by for-profit companies or the government. Churches are essential to the free exercise of religion. Charitable entities reach out to the least of those among us to provide much-needed support. The nonprofit attorneys at Provident Law® recognize how essential churches and nonprofits are to society.

Serving All Types of Churches, Nonprofit Organizations, and Corporate Clients

Those who work in the charitable sector consciously dedicate themselves to improving people’s lives. The resources, goods, and services these organizations willingly provide through various ministries and programs impact every sector of society. Churches and nonprofits deserve all the support they can get, and Provident Law® does its share by providing the counsel and legal services they need. We represent and serve all types of nonprofit organizations, including charities, foundations, churches, private schools, colleges, and universities, providing comprehensive transactional and general counsel services.

Every day, our churches, nonprofit organizations, and other clients write a new narrative for our future, focusing on carrying out their sincerely held religious beliefs, and providing education, generosity, kindness, and care for the poor and powerless. These organizations encounter complex situations that demand quality legal services, from how to start a nonprofit to nonprofit governance, to employing employees and executives and defending in litigation. A nonprofit lawyer at Provident Law® can deliver the necessary legal services on all these issues and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive legal representation from the start of a nonprofit to its finish and everything in between.

We Are Experienced In Many Areas of Nonprofit Services

  • Formation
  • Employment
  • Philanthropy
  • Corporate and Finance
  • Governance and Industry-Specific Best Practices

Putting Our Skills and Experience to Work in many Areas of Nonprofit Services

From the outset of their formation to ongoing operational concerns, we handle the complete range of legal tasks that churches and nonprofit organizations are likely to encounter.


We provide the legal support to start churches and ensure they are properly formed under state law. We also provide legal guidance for churches about how to obtain an IRS exempt determination. We work with qualified entities to form 501(c)(3) organizations to ensure they are exempt from federal income tax under the United States Code. From submitting their 501(c)(3) application to filing IRS Form 990, we counsel these groups on how to start a nonprofit organization.


We help clients properly structure gifts and bequests to take advantage of applicable tax laws. We assist churches in ensuring that tithes and offerings are properly substantiated so donors may take a deduction, We also establish family foundations and charitable trusts for clients to assist them in meeting their future charitable goals.

Corporate and Finance

We effectuate mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, bond financings, mortgage financings, and bridge loans. In addition, our nonprofit lawyers plan and structure ownership of for-profit and nonprofit subsidiaries. We also guide organizations in their ongoing compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and regulations regarding their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Finally, we help clients manage the treatment of unrelated business income and charitable contributions.

Governance and Industry-Specific Best Practices

We prepare and implement organizational documents and policies based on industry-specific best practices. In addition, we provide ongoing support to nonprofit boards of directors, with timely counsel on good governance.


We negotiate and prepare executive employment and separation agreements and provide guidance on best practices for employment policies and procedures. We help churches obtain the most freedom from government intrusion in employment decisions. We also analyze legal issues in connection with teams of volunteers and employees. By staying ahead of changes at federal, state, and local levels, we draft employee handbooks and policies and keep them updated. As a result, we understand the key matters to assist clergy, ministers, and pastors in the governance of their churches and help put their objectives into practice.

Understanding the Need for Nonprofit Practice

At Provident Law®, our nonprofit and church lawyers know that charitable work is subject to rules and regulations, just like the private sector. Failure to follow those rules could lead to a loss of federal tax-exempt status. But we also understand that churches and religious nonprofit enjoy a great deal of constitutional and statutory protection from government intrusion. We understand how to navigate these constitutional issues to ensure churches and religious organizations enjoy the greatest degree of religious freedom.

When a church or nonprofit organization approaches us for help with legal questions, we are here to answer their questions and provide the counsel and guidance they need. We make efforts to understand the specific legal and business needs of the nonprofit organization and handle those needs to allow their leaders to concentrate on the important work of operating their organizations. Our attorneys are church members and understand the world of the church.

A corporate attorney from our law firm will guide a nonprofit organization through the complexities of state and federal laws that apply to their situation. In addition, we will present specific solutions to any legal challenges they might be facing so that we can ensure their smooth, efficient, and legal operation. Contact Provident Law® today for assistance with any church or nonprofit law questions you may have by calling our offices at (480) 388-3343.