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Real Estate in Scottsdale

Sunny and warm year-round weather makes Scottsdale a top destination for tourists nationwide. This appealing, picturesque city in the Salt River Valley between Phoenix and Paradise Valley in Maricopa County has multiple highly-rated resorts, hotels, and alternate accommodations. In addition to tourism, Scottsdale is home to several large corporations, such as Vanguard and Motorola.

Residential housing sales in Scottsdale are increasing, with a limited inventory of upscale homes often commanding cash offers over the asking price. A commercial market crash has led to a surplus of commercial building space, which awaits your next business endeavor. Downsizing and merger opportunities also are readily available. Business opportunities continue to abound in this steadily growing city, leading to increased commercial real estate opportunities.

Real estate is one of Arizona’s top industries, but successfully navigating the world of real estate can be complex. As a result, ensuring you have the right legal team and working with an experienced real estate lawyer at Provident Law® is critical.

We Are Experienced in Handling All Real Estate Issues

Provident Law® is a full-service commercial and residential real estate law firm. We represent all parties, including buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, trustees, guarantors, shareholders, partners, and lenders. Our real estate lawyers can assist with any real estate issue, from transactional work, like the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed property, to litigation of real estate disputes that arise before, during, or after these transactions. We are committed to helping you take your real estate endeavor from start to finish and handling any legal issues that arise along the way.

Two of our real estate lawyers, Christopher J. Charles and J. Scott Burns, are Certified Real Estate Experts with the State Bar of Arizona. We also have more than 200 years of combined legal experience to represent your interests, whether through negotiations in the office or litigation in the courtroom. Therefore, our firm is particularly well-suited to effectively and efficiently handle all your real estate needs.

We Are Experienced In All Matter of Real Estate Issues

  • Financing and Lending Transactions
  • Negotiate Loan Documents
  • Asset-Based Lending Documentation
  • Security Agreement
  • Project Financing
  • Legal Opinions
  • Acquisition Financing

What A Real Estate Lawyer Can Do for You

Real estate transactions rely on basic contract law, but each transaction contains individual characteristics that make it unique. Although the proliferation of resources on the Internet makes many people believe that they easily handle real estate transactions independently, mistakes can be costly and, in some cases, irreversible. Only an experienced and qualified real estate lawyer can protect your interests during real estate transactions.

Representing Your Interests When Buying, Selling, and Leasing Real Estate

Well-drafted real estate transactions are one key to success in this industry. One of the benefits of excellent agreements is avoiding misunderstandings or disputes. Of course, no one wants trouble following a real estate transaction, so if you want to leverage your changes for a smooth transaction, you can rely on the Arizona real estate lawyers on the Provident Law® team.

We structure, negotiate, and prepare the necessary documentation for various real estate and financing transactions, such as commercial and residential leases, purchase and sale agreements, loans, and development agreements for various commercial and residential projects. In addition, we issue legal opinions, prepare security agreements, and assist with the legal aspects of project and acquisition financing.

Whether you’re selling or buying a commercial or residential property, you can be sure that everything in a purchase agreement will be in order before you sign it. At Provident Law®, our real estate lawyer will meticulously draft or review every line and detail. We also will ensure the smooth flow of the transaction by working closely with the lawyer and representatives of the other party.

Your real estate attorney also must perform due diligence. This duty involves ensuring that the home or commercial building inspection and other contingencies proceed as agreed. A real estate attorney’s job is also to review important documents such as the deed, bills of sale, the title, and the title insurance policy.

As real estate and other transactions have grown increasingly complex, they commonly require guidance and legal advice on specific elements that are highly focused and particularly challenging. Working closely with our wide range of clients, we strive to accomplish their goals and protect their business interests.

Assisting with Your Real Estate Transactional and Development Needs

Our experience extends to real estate development activities, including entity formation, raw land acquisition, construction, project development, subdivisions of land, survey reviews, title reviews, easements, condominiums, condominium conversions, CC&Rs, and association documents. In addition, the Provident Law® team works closely with lenders and lending organizations to provide the legal counsel to enforce security interests, including non-judicial trustee sales or judicial foreclosure actions.

Whether you are purchasing, developing, or selling a shopping center, office building, retail establishment, hotel, ranch, industrial property, residential subdivision, condominium, apartment complex, or anything else, we can help. We are here to represent your interests and guide you through the legal aspects of the real estate development process.

Protecting You During Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

No matter how carefully you plan and structure your real estate transaction, disputes can arise, some of which lead to litigation. Possible property disputes may include adverse possession, title disputes, easements, quiet title actions, property line disputes, deficiency claims, fraud and misrepresentation, judicial foreclosure, partition actions, and breach of contract.

We always attempt to resolve real estate disputes through negotiations and other informal avenues of resolution for the purposes of efficiency. Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution used to resolve legal disputes without litigation, is often required before a case can proceed to trial. For instance, mediation is a requirement in the standard real estate purchase agreement used in most real estate transactions.

However, if mediation and negotiations cannot resolve your case, we will proceed to represent your interests in the courtroom. In some cases, litigation is necessary, and we are prepared to enforce and protect your rights in your real estate case. We have a long history of success at trial in these types of disputes.

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Your real estate transactions should be smooth and stress-free. With a skilled and experienced real estate attorney on your team, any real estate deal you pursue will be better. Contact Provident Law® online or call (480) 388-3343 today and secure the services of the best real estate attorneys AZ can provide.