Benjamin W. Bull

Of Counsel

Legal Background

A Little Bit About Me

Benjamin W. Bull has a long and distinguished career successfully representing churches, religious and non-profit entities, and fighting in the courts for Christian religious liberty. He is a well-recognized constitutional attorney and a recipient of the William Bentley Ball Award from the Christian Legal Society for outstanding contribution to religious freedom.

He served for many years as chief counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) where he launched and built its litigation and advocacy departments, hiring and leading more than 60 attorneys, opening, and supervising its offices in Washington, D.C., New York City, London, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, Strasbourg, New Delhi, and Mexico City. He has been the lead counsel in over 50 reported court cases in U.S. and international courts.

Personal Notes

“I’m passionate about helping people successfully navigate through difficult challenges. My goal is to resolve conflicts favorably and obtain justice to my clients.”

– Benjamin W. Bull

More About Benjamin

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