Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our commercial litigation attorneys have represented businesses and business owners in every forum in Arizona, from trial court or appellate court to regulatory tribunals or alternative dispute resolution venues. In any arena, our core strength and competency rests on our narrow focus on Arizona law and knowledge of its application across a variety of industries. For instance, our clients engage in many activities, including real estate, construction, banking, and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, mortgage, retail, technology, and telecommunications.

From the onset of a dispute to its final resolution, our business litigation lawyer counsel our clients on the legal merits of the matter and advance their litigation campaign based on their risk tolerance and directives. This analysis and thoughtful communication allows our clients to make well-informed decisions in these high-stakes cases.

Some Problems that Our Clients Encounter Require Prosecution or Defense

  • Business Torts
  • Contract and Joint Venture Disputes
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation Disputes
  • Insolvency and Restructuring Disputes
  • Financial Institution Disputes
  • Trade Secret and Unfair Competition Disputes
Trial-read and tenacious, we build cases that are intended to be delivered in the courtroom. Our focus on trial-readiness drives successful and more cost-efficient results.