Real Estate Disputes

Real estate has consistently been one of Arizona’s prime industries. As a result, no matter the status of the national real estate market, Arizona has no shortage of real estate transactions – and real estate disputes. No matter your role in a real estate transaction, a top-notch real estate lawyer at Provident Law® can assist you with your Arizona real estate dispute. Two of our real estate attorneys, Christopher J. Charles and J. Scott Burns, are Certified Real Estate Experts with the State Bar of Arizona, which makes our law firm particularly well-qualified to handle your case. Contact Provident Law® today and set up a time to meet with us about your case.

Our Arizona Real Estate Lawyers Will Protect Your Interests

Whether you’re a property owner, investor, developer, REALTOR®, broker, property manager, landlord, or tenant, you always risk becoming involved in a real property dispute. Unfortunately, these disputes can quickly get out of hand, much to the detriment of all parties involved.

A real estate attorney at our law firm offers a solution-oriented approach to resolving any real estate dispute. In virtually every real estate matter, the prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs according to the real estate contract or Arizona law. Parties also can resolve most real estate disputes before trial through mediation. This form of alternative dispute resolution is often mandatory as per section 7 of the standard Arizona Association of REALTOR® Purchase Agreement, which most real estate transactions utilize. A real estate lawyer can represent your interests throughout the mediation process.

Provident Law® Resolves the Following Real Estate Disputes

  • breach of contract
  • quiet title dispute
  • title disputes
  • adverse possession matters
  • boundary disputes
  • encroachment disputes
  • non-disclosure
  • misrepresentation, fraud
  • slander of title
  • easement disputes
  • judicial foreclosure matters
  • declaratory judgment
  • HOA disputes
  • Preliminary and Permanent Injunction issues
  • landlord-tenant issues
  • eviction, forcible entry and detainer matters
  • non-judicial lockouts
  • shared well disputes
  • boundary disputes / encroachment disputes
  • real estate commission disputes
  • professional negligence claims
  • contractor disputes and matters before the Registrar of Contractors

Our Track Record Concerning Real Estate Disputes

Although we can resolve many real estate disputes before going to court, real estate litigation is necessary in some cases. Our Arizona real estate attorneys are prepared to represent your legal interests when you must go to court for your real estate dispute. We have a long track record of success in real estate litigation matters.

In 2017, Provident Law® and Certified Real Estate Expert Christopher J. Charles obtained one of the Top Ten Civil Jury Verdicts concerning a real estate non-disclosure matter. That case resulted in a jury verdict of $1,344,808.69, plus an award of attorneys’ fees and costs, in favor of our client.

Our real estate lawyers represent property owners in every forum in Arizona, including state courts, federal district courts, regulatory tribunals, and alternative dispute resolution venues. In any forum, our core strength and competency rests on our exclusive focus on Arizona law and unparalleled knowledge of its application to real estate disputes. From the onset of a dispute to its final resolution, our real estate dispute attorneys counsel clients on the legal merits of their cases and advance through the litigation process based on their risk tolerance and directives.

Allow an Arizona Real Estate Lawyer to Provide You with the Individualized Legal Representation You Need

At Provident Law®, our property dispute attorneys take the time to understand our clients’ objectives. We know that each real estate dispute involves a unique set of variables, including the client’s exposure versus their potential reward and varying degrees of legal strategy and significance.

While we are always prepared for trial, we will do whatever we can to look for early-exit options, such as pre-trial case dismissal through motions to dismiss or summary judgment and opportunities for reasonable settlement agreements or indemnification by third parties or insurance coverage. This analysis and thoughtful communication allow our clients to make well-informed decisions in these high-stakes cases.

Contact Our Real Estate Attorneys Today

In general, real estate law and the legal system are technical and always in flux. Therefore, be intentional about who you trust to solve your real estate problem. If you or someone you know has a question regarding a real estate dispute, contact Provident Law® today online or call (480) 388-3343 to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer.