Mediation and Arbitration

Christopher Charles serves as neutral mediator and arbitrator concerning real estate disputes.


Mediation is similar to a settlement conference – the mediator relies on his experience, training, and knowledge to help the parties reach an amicable resolution. The mediator cannot issue orders in the case (other than an order finding that the parties did or did not participate in good faith in the mediation process). The mediator neutral, impartial and unbiased toward the parties and issues at hand.

If the mediator is successful, the parties will reach a full settlement concerning their dispute and the mediator will draft a written and binding agreement for the parties to execute before the conclusion of the mediation.


Arbitration is a private trial where the arbitrator acts the judge. Arbitration is less formal than court but the arbitrator has authority to enter binding decisions against the parties similar to a judge. At arbitration, the rules of evidence are often relaxed and the process is typically much quicker than court. The Arbitrator’s ruling is often binding and non-appealable. Christopher Charles acts as an arbitrator concerning real estate disputes.