Arizona Probate & Trust Administration

When you lose a beloved member of your family, moving forward in life is often stressful, demanding, and onerous. You are faced with a sudden and substantial need for both emotional support and legal guidance. Provident Law’s experienced attorneys are available to assist you in this demanding situation. We complement our expertise with the necessary appreciation and respect for the unfortunate but inevitable life experience facing you.

Probate is a judicial process whereby a will is publicly validated in a court of law and accepted as the true last testament of the deceased. It also occurs if an individual dies without a will. In this situation, the estate is settled according to Arizona intestacy law. Provident Law® can help you in either situation. We can also help you determine which estate assets require probate to transfer legally.

Trust administration is very similar to probate except it involves a private administration of the final affairs of the deceased rather than a public administration. While a trust is still subject to certain legal requirements, the administration of a trust is typically determined by the trust itself rather than a body of rules like those applicable to probate. This may make trust administration a more expedient process.

Arizona law requires that a personal representative be appointed to administer estate whenever probate is necessary. The administration of an estate includes filing verified statements, publishing and giving notice to creditors, handling creditor claims, identifying and gathering assets, making distributions, paying taxes, filing receipts, and closing the estate.

We help you from the inception of the probate process to the final distribution of assets. Since each person has a unique set of circumstances that develop over a lifetime, the probate process also may significantly differ from one person to the next. It may involve a routine distribution of assets, or it may require extensive litigation to resolve numerous issues. Provident Law® is capable in either situation to complete all the tasks necessary to close an estate and help you achieve finality and peace of mind.

We keep you informed throughout this complex process. Our services are designed to provide our clients with the best possible level of understanding and clarity. Whether you are an heir, a beneficiary, or executor, we will thoroughly and clearly explain and help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

The process of probating a will or administering an estate is not without challenges and pitfalls. Provident Law® will help ensure that the accounting of all financial aspects of the estate is complete and accurate. We will resolve any will contests effectively to achieve the finality necessary to close the estate. Provident Law® will also help you address any claims of fraud or undue influence perpetrated against the decedent.

Provident Law® facilitates helping clients achieve the testamentary expectations of a loved one. We will help you make the smoothest transition possible when tasked with probating a will or administering a trust.

We Are Experienced In All Matter of Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation Issues

  • Administration of probate estate
  • Representation of Personal Representatives
  • Representation of heirs to a probate estate
  • Assistance with creditor claims inside of a probate case
  • Probate litigation (i.e. to remove a Personal Representative, to contest a Will, to obtain supervised administration of an estate, etc)
  • Small estate affidavits
  • Ancillary probates
  • Administration of trusts
  • Representation of Trustees
  • Representation of Trust beneficiaries
  • Trust litigation (i.e. to remove a Trustee, to sue a Trustee for maladministration or self-dealing, to obtain an accounting or compel
  • distributions, etc)
  • Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults
  • Representation of private fiduciaries acting as a Personal Representative or Trustee or pursuant to a power of attorney.