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When you talk about commodities, most people think of tangible items like raw materials.  Examples would be gold, silver, timber, food stuffs, and for bacon lovers, pork bellies.  As valuable and even as necessary as those things are, when you stop and think about, there is something even more valuable to each of us:  time.  Time cannot be bottled, it cannot be “saved” or stored.  But it can be spent, and hopefully wisely and prudently.

For many of us, estate planning is not at the forefront of our thoughts because we are so busy working, spending time with our families and other loved ones, attending class, doing homework, maintaining our homes, and the other “stuff” of life.  On top of that, estate planning forces us to deal with our own mortality and most of us would rather have a root canal rather than thinking about those things.

However, as recent events have demonstrated, estate planning is a critical component of our overall planning.  And, more than ever, now is the time to prioritize your estate plan.

Perhaps you have already been considering this and are ready to finally put together a trust or will, or a power of attorney for healthcare or finances, or create a living will.  Or perhaps you already have an estate plan but it needs to be updated.  If so, Provident Law® is here to assist, even during the pandemic.  Our estate planning attorneys offer a free 30-minute consultation via telephone or virtually, to discuss your estate planning matters and answer your important questions.  It’s time – call or email our office today to schedule a free virtual consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys Bryan Eastin or Steve Oman.

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