5 things you should not forget to include in your will

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  2. 5 things you should not forget to include in your will
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Most importantly, do not forget to include these five things in the document to ensure your surviving family and friends receive the peace of mind they deserve.

1. An alternative beneficiary

Want to make sure your hard-earned wealth gets used the right way? Leave it in the hands of an appropriate beneficiary. That seems logical, right? Well, there is more to it than just choosing someone who is mentally capable and ethical.

You also need to have some alternates explicitly listed in your will. It is a common mistake to have only one beneficiary. Unfortunately, if your only beneficiary dies prior to you and the will never gets revised, your property may not be distributed in the manner that you would have wanted.

2. Digital and intellectual property provisions

Never forget to make arrangements for someone to have rights to your digital property, such as websites, blogs and online profiles.

This property holds value, whether financial or just sentimental. Additionally, many of our pictures are kept online these days. Precious memories of family vacations, graduations and births could all be lost if there is nobody with the password to an online account storing these images.

3. An executor

Always decide who you want in control of putting your will into effect. Having a will is for naught if everyone ignores the terms. Choose someone you trust to follow your desires without reservations.

4. Mementos

Family heirlooms are still the source of much in-fighting between relatives after the death of a loved one. People tend to argue over personal mementos. They all want to carry on the family legacy but need proper guidance.

You can prevent internal battling by specifically stating who is to receive what memento.

5. A guardian

If you have children, be sure to have a guardian provided for them. Even if you have a spouse, it is still important to choose a guardian. There are times when both spouses pass together and the courts then have to decide who will assume parental duties.

Do not leave the happiness of your children to strangers.

Get compassionate legal advice about your will

Creating a will is an important part of being a responsible member of Arizona society. Your will helps keep your family informed of what they need to do after your death.

Get started drafting a will or making necessary changes to an existing one as soon as possible. The time spent today ensuring the peace of your loved ones in the future is priceless. Contact us to get started. 

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